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cher.h9In the interest of sharing, here is a list of my best read / performing blog posts during the past few months. All of these posts are found via a search engine optimized blog; my email newsletter list (sign up for it below); Twitter; LinkedIn; Facebook; my Pinterest agency directory website; guest posts; Reddit and a test I did using Outbrain (nice traffic but not well targeted.)

The Worst Advertising Agency Presentation post went somewhat viral across social media with a special thanks to Facebook. I suspect that the story resonated with the Saatchi & Saatchi and M&C Saatchi universes because it discusses a looser pitch for Adidas I did with Maurice and Charles Saatchi. It is an entertaining, if sad story.

How To Name Your Agency is clearly a hot topic for new and existing agencies. The majority of the other posts address my main topic: agency new business. Thank you SEO Gods.

Next: I am interested in seeing how the brand new 34 Advertising Agency Search Consultants post does in the coming weeks.

The links are hot. Go on and visit some of my best read posts.

Title Views
The Worst Advertising Agency Presentation – Ever More stats 7,301
Hi. More stats 5,239
How To Name Your Advertising Agency: Part One More stats 3,782
Insights More stats 2,926
How to Build A Winning Advertising Agency New Business Program More stats 2,150
I Grow Advertising & Design Agencies More stats 2,007
I can help. More stats 1,665
It’s Me. More stats 1,656
Home page / Archives More stats 1,654
How To Position An Advertising Agency – Part I More stats 1,117
How To Write An Ad Agency Business Plan More stats 1,056
Talking As An Ad Agency Business Development Tool More stats 965
#3240 (loading title) More stats 894
13 Free Big Data Tools For Advertising Agency New Business More stats 718
35 Ways To Start & Grow An Ad Agency More stats 607
How To Name Your Advertising Agency: Part Two More stats 596
How Small Advertising Agencies Can Win Big Clients More stats 587
How To Position An Advertising Agency – Part II More stats 496
Advertising Agencies: “Do Not Pitch” More stats 422
Advertising Agency Business Development & Cold Calling More stats 419
Which Social Media Strategy Is Best For Advertising Agency New Business? More stats 417
Finally, A Fcking Ad Agency Blog Worth Reading More stats 408


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