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How To Build A Client Prospect list

The Ad Agency Client Prospect List Update 28 March 2019: I am adding ContactOut to my list of tools that can help you find the work email address and phone numbers of your prospects. You know, the prospects that are on your very focussed short list of clients that want to work with you but […]

Donald Trump And Twitter And You

Twitter Madness: Donald Trump VS. Hillary VS. Bernie Look at the hashtag numbers. It’s mind-blowing. What is your takeaway? What’s the learning for your clients? Just sayin. (Um, by the way, who the heck is running the Democrat’s social media program?)    

Resources: Top 10 Twitter Tools For Ad Agencies

Top 10 Twitter Tools And Tips For Ad Agencies (OK, Everyone) I know from working with a wide range of advertising and digital agencies that Twitter can work very hard for B2B ad agency new business marketing. However, trying to run a 24/7 Twitter program that uses best practices to achieve an agency’s goals can […]

Should Your Advertising Agency Blog?

The Advertising Agency Blog? Worth The Effort? You know all about blogging so I won’t go down the pedantic click-bait road of using a headline like: “24 Unbelievable Reasons That Your Advertising Agency Should Blog”. But, do you actually know if your advertising agency should blog? Here are the pros and cons and a path […]

Charles Barkley On Social Media

Charles Barkley On Social Media A quote from Charles Barkley from an episode of the sports TV show Pardon The Interruption… Twitter is… “Where losers go to feel important.” …. So, please FOLLOW! Me: @peterlevitan