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I’m giving my experienced perspective on ad agency business development and marketing for free. This is the right time for me to help.

This is an offer you can’t—or rather, shouldn’t—refuse.

Let’s talk to discuss how I will help you build a more powerful advertising agency business development plan that will result in a larger sales pipeline and higher profits. I’ve been through too many downturns and climbed way back for you not to talk.

I guarantee that our talk will result in at least one, if not more, business building insight that is tailored specifically to your agency.

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Need a nudge?

Use my brain: I’ve coached dozens of advertising agencies around the world; I owned my own successful agency in Oregon; ran business development at Saatchi and CEO’s two internet start-ups. Microsoft bought one.

I know you like this stuff: Here are a couple of kudos from successful clients.

“I have worked with Peter many times in varied projects over the past 25 years. Peter is one of the very few strategists that can think both analytically and creatively. All his recommendations were intelligent, appropriate, creative and ultimately, very effective.”

Beau Fraser, President, The Gate Worldwide, global agency, New York

“Our brand new business development program is less than a month old, but so far we’ve won 3 new clients. The crazy part, they call in, talk to us for 10 minutes, and then say the magical words, “what are the next steps to get started.”

Our business has a new timeline that we call, BP and AP (Before Peter… After Peter) everything (including our pipeline and financial numbers) are stronger AP.” 

Sam Yadegar, Partner, HawkSEM, leading SEM agency, Los Angeles

One More Time — Here are two ways to make contact…