I Build Effective Advertising Agency Sales Programs.

I’ve worked with dozens of advertising, PR and digital agencies across the globe to create massively successful business development plans that add high-quality clients – faster.

I can help you grow your agency. Take me up on my Corleone offer.

Why me? I am the most experienced advertising business development consultant

I know that this sounds rather self-centered. Kinda like Gary Vaynerchuck-speak. But it is true.

  • I’ve advised advertising, PR, design, and digital agencies across the USA, Europe, Asia, Australia, and South America since I sold my advertising agency in 2013.
  • I ran North American and European business development at Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising Worldwide.
  • I owned Citrus, an advertising agency with offices in Portland and Bend, Oregon. Clients included Harrahs, Nike, The Montana Lottery and LegalZoom.
  • I bought and sold three ad agencies.
  • I’ve pitched and won accounts from Los Angeles to Boise to Seoul to Dusseldorf. I even wrote the best-selling book on pitching.
  • I’ve sat on the client-side of the table as CEO and founder of two digital companies. Microsoft bought one.
  • My well-read Insights section has over 650 business development blog posts.

What I’ll do for you…

I will help you build a comprehensive business development plan that is so customized for your business goals, market, skills, and staff you’ll run it 24/7.

In four to six weeks you will have a detailed account-based-marketing and content-based sales plan that will begin to help you position your agency for success, grow your client base and generate higher revenues.

My bottom line: The only way to win this game is to be dedicated to the goal of running a best in class, unignorable B2B account-based marketing, and inbound sales program.

Let’s talk about growing your business. You are in a hurry, right? Contact me and take me up on my free Vito Corleone offer.

Here are a couple of kudos from successful clients.

“I have worked with Peter many times in varied projects over the past 25 years. Peter is one of the very few strategists that can think both analytically and creatively. All his recommendations were intelligent, appropriate, creative and ultimately, very effective.”

Beau Fraser, President, The Gate Worldwide, global agency, New York

“Our brand new business development program is less than a month old, but so far we’ve won 3 new clients. The crazy part, they call in, talk to us for 10 minutes, and then say the magical words, “what are the next steps to get started.”

Our business has a new timeline that we call, BP and AP (Before Peter… After Peter) everything (including our pipeline and financial numbers) are stronger AP.” 

Sam Yadegar, Partner, HawkSEM, leading SEM agency, Los Angeles