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Charles Barkley On Social Media

Charles Barkley On Social Media A quote from Charles Barkley from an episode of the sports TV show Pardon The Interruption… Twitter is… “Where losers go to feel important.” …. So, please FOLLOW! Me: @peterlevitan  

A Twitter Tool For Advertising Agencies

I love Twitter Tools Check out the Twitter tool SocialBro (and, don’t thank me for naming this company). Here is what they say about themselves: SocialBro’s advanced solutions for Twitter marketing are built around what you need. From Enterprise scale organisations coordinating multi channel strategies across multiple teams to individual influencers building a personal brand, our clever […]

Advertising Agency New Business & Inbound Marketing

Along with positioning and outbound marketing, I help my advertising agency clients plan and execute their social media based inbound marketing programs. These programs are designed to attract the clients that they want to their messaging and get the email lights to fire up. Allow me to state the obvious: Inbound marketing is marketing a company through blogs, podcasts, […]

When is The Best Time To Post, Pin and Tweet?

I use this blog, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook (a recent addition), Pinterest (via my agency directory) and Google+ to promote my business. I stare at my stats to analyze what posts, subject categories, headlines and to determine when is the best time to post, pin and tweet. Here is a sweet chart from SurePayroll on the best times to […]

Best Read Advertising Blog Posts

In the interest of sharing, here is a list of my best read / performing blog posts during the past few months. All of these posts are found via a search engine optimized blog; my email newsletter list (sign up for it below); Twitter; LinkedIn; Facebook; my Pinterest agency directory website; guest posts; Reddit and a test I did using […]