Which Social Media Strategy Is Best For Advertising Agency New Business?

ss-social-mediaYou have A Social Media Strategy For Your Advertising Agency. Right?

Let’s start with what B2B social media strategy works. I was looking for a universal social media image for this blog on ad agency social media. I found the image at left by asking Google. They took me to Anchor Media’s “Starting Out On Social” blog post. A decent post. But, much better that their social energy got me to this better than average image and then, better, awareness of them. So… social + SEO = works, folks.

Back to my main question: Which Social Media Strategy Is Best For Advertising Agency New Business? I am not going to bullshit you. There is no perfect social media platform for advertising agency new business. Why? Cause ya know… the devil is in the details (and, your very own objectives.) The best I can do is to tell you what my personal experience has been. First, here are my social media objectives.

  • Primary objective: Get qualified leads. In my case, my current target market includes small to medium sized advertising, design and PR agencies that need some help, some spark, some insightful thinking and an action-oriented  plan to help them build a more effective business development plan. These agencies are located anywhere in the world.
  • Be efficient: Test. Pay attention to each social media’s analytics and do more of what is working. Figure out why some platforms are not working. Use automated systems to have my blog posts run on LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+.
  • Be productive: Blog often (at least twice a week when I can.) Really use LinkedIn’s tools.

OK… here is my take on social media and advertising agencies.

I am using the infographic below as a guide. This is my CliffsNotes / ADHD  take on social media for advertising agency new business. Yup, I go way deeper with clients.


Twitter is easy to use. All my blog posts go up automatically. I re-Tweet easily to help bulk up my content and to make friends. From time to time I use Twitter’s advertising tools to grow my Follower list. Things to keep in mind: Pay attention to what your audience wants (this is true for all social media, you know this), Tweet a few times a day, re-tweet, use the @ to let others know that you are alive (a nice simple new business tool), use hashtags, use one or more Twitter analytics tools…. the list is growing every day. Search on Google. Here is a decent post from KISSmetrics.

Need some Twitter tools? Here is my master list.


I use Pinterest for my advertising agency directory. It gets me some attention, Google likes it, its audience is growing and I use an outsourced Odesk buddy to keep it up to date (are you in it? If not, let me know.) Pinterest is growing fast and few agencies use it well. In fact, because of this, I am extremely well ranked on Pinterest for searches for ad agencies. Here is a recent post on this subject: Why Are Aren’t Advertising Agencies Using Pinterest? Yes, I have gotten leads from using Pinterest.


Sure it’s huge. But, I don’t use it for new business. It just doesn’t feel right for a B2B guy. BUT… I recently had a post go very viral on Facebook (hundreds of incoming to my blog.) I think that it was because the post was passed across the Saatchi & Saatchi and M&C Saatchi worlds since it was about a lost Adidas pitch when I was at Saatchi London and screwed up royally with the brothers. The post: The Worst Advertising Agency Presentation – Ever . That said, it is easy to automatically send your blog posts to your Facebook page. But, please don’t mix them with pictures of your poodle. Figure out – is your Facebook page for business or pleasure. Or, maybe its function is to bolster agency culture or, if you are large, inter-agency communications.

OK, one more point. You can way lost, as in, never ever seen in the world wide world of Facebook’s timeline. Here is what Razorsocial’s Ian has to say…

You share your content to your Facebook page.

And what happens?

Most people don’t see your content.

The latest stats show an average of 1 to 2%

This is getting dangerously close to Zero per cent.

OK, one more one more point. Test targeted post boosting on Facebook. It is a low cost test.


Nope. Not for me. But this gigantic platform could be for you if you use it for agency culture or if you want to own a product or service category via thought -leadership. Imagine that you are an agency that wants a parakeet account. Then Instagram the hell out of parakeet photos. I bet that the marketing assistant for the I Love Parakeets Brand bird food is trolling “parakeets” on Instagram. He will see you and track you down. Voila, your parakeet account.


I am not sure I have Google+  figured out. Do you? Does it work? Is it gonna make it? Will Google finally toss in the towel? Who knows. But, again, just make sure you are on it (that is if you want Google SERP love and who does not?) The “web” says that Google+ is the number two social media platform. Possible? Maybe due to Google’s promotional power. Again, just be on it. This post will be – automatically when I hit publish on this WordPress blog. Also, use Google+ Communities to move your content out.

Ok, Ok, LinkedIn

This is the king of the B2B social media strategy universe.

You know it but I am baffled every day that more advertising agencies have not figured out how to squeeze every last drop of power out of this primarily business tool. I am about to really dig in when I publish my book on agency pitching. LinkedIn will be a backbone social media tool. I have a lot of posts on using LinkedIn. If you have the time, dig in. Here are the top 6 reasons to use LinkedIn’s paid premium services….

  1. It is loaded with 240 million of your new business prospects.
  2. You can do advanced searches on member profiles.
  3. You can message anyone in the LinkedIn community using the InMail messaging service.
  4. You can send  more introductions than basic.
  5. You can see  who viewed your profile.
  6. You can publish to the universe of LinkedIn users just like Mark Cuban.

There are more reasons. Just do it.

Last thought.

Social media is way demanding. In addition, to basing your choice of platform on your business objectives and target markets, make sure that you select platforms that you can feed weekly. There is nothing worse than an empty Twitter feed. OK, there is worse. I have seen lots of ad agencies that include an out of date Twitter feed on their website. Wha?!

Now, from Leverage Media

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  3. Great article. But i Think FB works great for Advertising agency to promote their services. you can get more customers with small budget.

  4. Nice post, In my thought the most popular and effective is Facebook and Instagram to grab new visitors and fresh too. There are some small platforms like reddit and many more.

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