Why Clients Fire Advertising Agencies

Why Do Clients Fire Advertising Agencies?

firedTake a read of the SoDA Report below which includes an expert opinion on the subject of why clients fire their agencies and other subjects that will help you keep your clients happy and make you smarter than the agency next door.

Oh, why do advertising and digital agencies get hired and fired? A key reason for getting fired (other than the new Marketing Director’s need to look active; and an agency’s failure to keep up with the rapid pace of change) is very often the very same reason clients hire agencies in the first place…

It has a lot to do with interpersonal chemistry according to Darren Woolley of Australia’s TrinityP3, a leading global advertising agency search consultant and client advisor. I love this point: “It’s all about the relationship.”

Darren is also one of the most valuable contributors to my book on pitching… You can read one of my two interviews with him on the client mind-set and how to win more pitches in an earlier post right here.

While yo are at it, check out TrinityP3’s blog for many more new client winning insights on how clients think.

The Soda Report

In addition to Darren’s experienced perspective, the SoDA Report includes a wide range of industry  insights from other leading advertising / digital companies including:

Reactive / Huge / Big Spaceship / Phenomblue / EffectiveUI / Pound & Grain / Ratio / Enlighten


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