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What I Learned At Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising

What I Learned At Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising – It Is Relevant Today I got educated at Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising. I applied my learning to a career that spanned GM of the Minneapolis office, to London and Europe, to two Internet startups, my own agency, and now my advertising agency consultancy. I learned about […]

Advertising Agency Coaches Are Pissing Me Off.

$2,250 For A Group-Grope Agency Coaches Seminar? Huh? WTF! One of my California ad agency clients passed on an advertising agency coaching seminar email solicitation. She pointed out that two of my advertising agency coaching competitors are charging $2,250 for agency managers to attend a group seminar on agency positioning. Huh, I’m like, $2,250 to […]

Important Question: Are You Coronavirus Stressed Out?

Stressed out? Of course, you are. Since I am not a stress expert (other than having experienced it and solved it). I am NOT going to point out that running an advertising agency or working at one today isn’t fucking high stress. Of course, it is. This is way bad. Bad for your career. Bad […]

Freelance Advertising Art Design Video Illustration Photography Photoshop Assistant Resources

7 Advertising Agency Freelance Resources Here is a list of advertising agency freelance resources. I’d bet that every advertising agency uses freelance talent to supplement their staff. These resources include art direction, copyrighting, design, video production, Illustration, and photography – oh, and management services. This is a list to get you to people that you […]

The Big Advertising Agency Resource List

Advertising Agency Resource List – Updated Often #1. An Advertising Agency Survival Guide Speaking of resources… Here is a comprehensive guide that will help your agency become a winner in today’s market – The Advertising Agency Survival Guide. #2. Onward. I want the marketing communications world to be a better place. Therefore, this advertising agency […]