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Why Clients Fire Advertising Agencies

Why Do Clients Fire Advertising Agencies? Take a read of the SoDA Report below which includes an expert opinion on the subject of why clients fire their agencies and other subjects that will help you keep your clients happy and make you smarter than the agency next door. Oh, why do advertising and digital agencies get hired and fired? […]

Maybe Skype Should Work On Its UI First – Pre Doing Commercials

I use Skype everyday for business. I have clients on four continents. Skype works. However, the UI sucks. But, in the meantime, while I hope they fix the UI… here is their marketing in action. Is it great? Sweet and a bit obvious. And… Not as great as this… (But, remember Skype is a Microsoft […]

13 Free Big Data Tools For Advertising Agency New Business

Talk with any CMO or marketing director and they will tell you that they receive buckets of incoming business development messages and content from advertising and digital agencies. The incoming include:

Shit, I Thought I Owned “P”

Now, I am really pissed off. Its like a slap in my mama’s face. I thought that I owned the letter “P”. But, noooo. Seems like Path and Pinterest are gonna battle it out says TechCrunch. Damn, I just don’t have the lawyer ca$h to keep in this game.

Social Media = Advertising Insanity

Just for the hell of it, I remind you that having Internet startups play in the social media & advertising sandbox is getting INSANE! The good: they have given ad agencies more ways to make money. The bad: they have given ad agencies more ways to lower profitability.