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Why Did Adidas Steal Its Advertising Slogan

Clearly, Nothing Is Impossible For Adidas Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising reported yesterday that they held an online all-hands London office meeting. They pointed to the now decades-old agency inspirational slogan: Nothing Is Impossible as proof that they get things done. What most Saatchi people do not know is that Adidas outright stole the Saatchi slogan, […]

Client Thoughts On The Advertising Agency RFP Process

The Advertising Agency Client RFP – Go Or No Go As an agency owner and business development director at Saatchi, I received many RFP’s — Request For Proposals. The reaction to receiving an RFP ranged from delight (YES, a big brand and client is interested in us) to dismay (a brand is asking us to […]

Getting Advertising Agency Sales Pitch Attention Via Hello Sir

How Your Advertising Agency’s Sales Pitch Is Like An Indian Shopkeeper I was in the Indian states of Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh and Delhi and Mumbai for the month of January. As a tourist, my attention was desired by many shop keepers, solo tour guides and taxi drivers. The usual sales pitch come-on, the way […]

Anatomy Of An Advertising Agency Pitch: Part One

Anatomy Of An Advertising Agency Pitch This interview with Tony Mikes, Founder of the Second Wind Network, is a first-person perspective by an advertising agency management and business development leader who sat on the client side of an important ad agency pitch. It is an enlightening review of how advertising agencies performed, or didn’t, in […]

34 Advertising Agency Search Consultants

Advertising Agency Search Consultants – The Personal Shoppers Of The Ad World I’ve updated the list of search consultants. 34 might not be the absolute number after updating. But, I can not update the URL – so, there. Let me know if I am missing any consultancies. Thanks. Before I get into the subject, I […]