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I am starting to see lots of lists (OK, listicles) of tools for marketers and advertising folks. I love these lists because a real human being has curated the list so I don’t have to spend hours Googling the marketing world. Curation is a good thing. Lists are a good thing. I like humans more than algorythms.

Here Are Three Favorite Marketing Tools Lists

Um, yes, this list itself is a mini-list.


website builders   MAQTOOBAs of today, MAQTOOB lists 1,482 tools that cover 112 categories. Here’s what they say:

We want to help you with one single thing. Being your own boss and having control of your own time and money. That’s it. You will find here the best available tools to start and grow your business. If not, let us know what’s missing, or help other entrepreneurs by sharing your feedback…So we can all make a difference.

How about 43 website builders? 79 design resources? 7 ways to make infographics?

Freebie Supply

400 Awesome Free Things for Entrepreneurs and StartupsAli Mese is one of the smarter self-marketers out there. His looong list that covers: Business, Marketing, Design & Code, Productivity and Learn is made for you Ms. marketer / advertising person / designer and on. Here’s what he says:

I’m a freelance marketer and blogger.

Storytelling, entrepreneurship, and wandering pretty much summarize the things I am passionate about. Recently, I moved from Rome to amazing Singapore to explore Asian countries and learn more about their incredible cultures.


Growth Supply is… my base for things like my newsletter and where I plan to place my side projects such as Freebie Supply.

Razorsocial Social Media Tools DirectoryRazorsocial

Ian Cleary’s Razorsocial is my go-to list of digital tools. His list covers 15 marketing categories. It is very list-like but also includes his words of wisdom (read the blog). The website and tutorials are oriented towards online marketers. He keeps the lists up to date and, if you follow him like I do, you will look smarter than the ad guy down the street. And, isn’t that a positive bene? What he says:

Are you struggling finding the time to be effective with social media and online marketing?

Finding it difficult to find the best online marketing tools and the best process to deliver results?

We are here to help you achieve better results and become more productive with online marketing using the best tools and technology.

We are not the strategy people, we are the tools and technology people.

Even more tools, especially ones that I think will work for advertising professionals are right here. Yes, you can use these to spy on Droga5.



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