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An Advertising, PR, Marketing, SEO, Design & Sales Listicle

Advertising, Marketing, Design Tool Freak Listicle Lovers Unite I am starting to see lots of lists (OK, listicles) of tools for marketers and advertising folks. I love these lists because a real human being has curated the list so I don’t have to spend hours Googling the marketing world. Curation is a good thing. Lists […]

Why Ad Agencies Should Use SEO – For Marketing

I know you know this, right? Well, I talk to ad agency CEO’s all the time and I think that maybe 30% get SEO and its benefits for agency marketing. This should help the other 70%. Thanks to Digital Marketing Philippines.

2 New Levitan Guest Posts on Agency Post and Advertising Week

I am keeping up my guest posting on authoritative advertising websites to get my thought-leadership out and build my website’s authority and page rank. Just in case you don’t know what these important SEO terms are, here are definitions: Authority from Search Engine Land: Is your site an authority? Is it a widely recognized leader in […]

The History Of SEO From Hubspot

My website, yes, this very one that you just may have found via a web search, thrives on SEO. Here is a sweet SlideShare overview of the history of SEO from the smart folks at Hubspot. I could say more but you know that search is rather important for your (ad, digital, PR) agency’s visibility, […]

I Love Google — It Delivers New Business Leads

Here is a bit more on how much I love SEO and Google. I use Google Alerts and decided to add “advertising agency new business” to my list. I optimize for this term. As it turns out, Google presented one of my blog posts in the results. That’s my post, “Beer For Advertising Agency New […]