The Real Power Of Video

The Power of The Advertising Agency Video

Putting a video on your website will increase your odds of selling your advertising agency’s services. I’d like to think that most agencies get this. But, not all do. Here are some compelling stats to help you make sure that you use the power of video on your website.

  • 59% of senior executives prefer video over text. (Source: Brainshark)
  • The average user spends 88% more time on a website with video. (Source: Mist Media)Of the 80% of internet users who watched a video ad, 46% took some sort of action after viewing the ad. (Source: Video Brewery)
  • About 46% of people say they’d be more likely to seek out information about a product or service after seeing it in an online video. (Source: Eloqua)
  • Zappos has reported that placing a video on a sales page increases sales impact from 6% to 30%.

Surprising? I didn’t think so. So… how do advertising agencies use video on their websites to help sell the agency?

Four Ways Advertising Agencies Use Video As A Sales Tool

The Agency Reel.

Deutsch Inc.   Advertising Agency   Top Advertising Agency in NYC   LAYes, the ubiquitous reel of past work. This is clearly an effective way to introduce the agency’s creative prowess. However, these videos can be way too long and often downright boring. The agency reel also plays the “We are very creative” agency game and gives all of the power to decide if Agency X is ‘creative’ to the viewer. Agencies should have these videos on their websites but must be cognizant of how subjective and, especially, unguided a prospective client’s reactions could be. Another issue is that the reel is video / TV commercial oriented. Is this a great sales tool in the all-in digital world of 2015? Deutsch is undaunted by any of these negatives. They put six of their favorite commercials up front and center.

The Strategic Video.

LONDON Advertising   One Brilliant Idea for every clientLondon Advertising, yes they own that name, uses a strategic video on their website. This brief yet high sales value video introduces the agency’s unique positioning, its creative philosophy, its two leaders and solidifies its branding by using The Clash’s London Calling as the track and London buses to make sure you get that the agency IS all-London..

The Chemistry Video.

About   HawkSEMA major reason that one agency gets chosen ahead of the next  is because the client senses that they can build chemistry with the agency – that there is a shared value system and business philosophy. ‘Liking’ the agency and its people is a very real element of agency selection. So, why wait till a face to face meeting, a chemistry meeting or the final pitch to start to build chemistry? Los Angeles’ SEM agency HawkSEM has told me that adding this all-about-our-people ‘chemistry’ reel to the agency website has dramatically increased their close rate. These guys are likeable and love to mention their passion for the three-letter word: ROI. And, what client doesn’t want some of that magic? While you are at it, also watch the video on the home page.

The ‘Journey Film’ Video

Housing and Moving Brands – the journey on VimeoI am currently enamoured by the idea of producing what Moving Brands calls ‘journey films’. Journey films are videos about the process used to deliver a creative project for a client. This idea works for me because it demonstrates an agency’s process (it demystifies), how the agency collaborates with clients and it is a compelling way to share a successful case history. From a LinkedIn post  I did about Moving Brands:

Here are a few specific reasons why I think that more agencies should consider doing a journey film about one or more of their best marketing programs.

  • The journey film, at least for the time being, will be a distinctive approach to agency branding. Very few, like very few, agencies do this.

  • Journey films are a compelling way to deliver a case history and will support the agency’s strategic and creative prowess.

  • Journey films demonstrate agency process which helps to create differentiation. Many clients view agency process as a black hole. Why not create a process, or at least the semblance of a ‘special sauce’ process, that sounds a bit different?

Video sells. How powerful and distinctive is your agency’s video?


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  1. Peter love this. I watched the London Advertising video, cinematography was excellent, editing solid, but i really did not like stepping on lyrics, If they wanted that song and had the rights I would have edited to extend the intro music bed and closed with the vocal splash at the end.

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