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The Idiocy Of Ad Agency Christmas Giving

Yes, Ad Agency Christmas Giving Is Stupid Does your ad agency send out Chrismas cards or gifts to clients — even prospects? I call this practice stupid. Strong words? Sure. Look, I have nothing against season’s greetings. But, after working at a couple of agencies (including my own) and watching dozens/hundreds more send out very […]

Bing Needs An Advertising Agency

Microsoft’s Bing and Your Advertising Agency I just took a look at my WordPress referral stats. I was discussing where my referrals come from with the 4A’s ex-Executive VP Michael Donahue who I just interviewed about the world of storytelling agencies. I’ll let you know when I get that up as a guest post on […]

Should Your Advertising Agency Do Spec Creative?

Should Your Agency Do Spec? No! Yes. No Way. OK, Have to. Nope, Never. And, On And On. Damn, that’s an age old and very perplexing question. I answered it in a chapter in my pitch book, The Levitan Pitch. Buy This Book. Win More Pitches. and have an excerpt on this subject below. I have […]

The Real Power Of Video

The Power of The Advertising Agency Video Putting a video on your website will increase your odds of selling your advertising agency’s services. I’d like to think that most agencies get this. But, not all do. Here are some compelling stats to help you make sure that you use the power of video on your […]

Truth In Advertising: Adweak’s New Video Series

Adweak Tells It Like It Is I’ve been laughing along with Adweak on Twitter – @adweak – for awhile. I, and I hope you, need a bit of a humorous reality check about the occasionally pompous ad folk out there. No, not you, those other spophisticated ad folk. Need an example of a Tweet that […]