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Who The F**k Is Arthur Fogel

Who The F**k Is Arthur Fogel ?? He produced 7 out of the top 10 highest grossing worldwide rock tours (U2, Lady Gaga, Madona…). His shows raked in $6.5 billion last year. He is profiled in this movie. (And, you thought that producing last week’s Facebook promo was difficult).

Send More Creatives To Mars!

I Wish I could Have Sent More Of My Creatives To Mars! From MediaPost comes news that FCB Paris wants you to help them send a creative into outer space. FCB Paris has, ahem, launched an interesting stunt. The agency says it will send one of its copywriters, 25-year-old Baptiste Szuwarski into space if the […]

Nike Does Jeter Right

Another grand slam for Nike and Portland’s Wieden+Kennedy. This time its for my real home town Yankee’s Derek Jeter. This might be the only thing that will make most New Yorkers cry.

Advertising Creative Awards and Puffy Heads

Ireland Is Now Famous For Three Heads: Guinness. Red. And, Creative. Advertising agencies love creative awards. In fact, these little sweet proof-that-we-are-very-way-smart-and-cool puppies tend to make creative heads get all sorts of puffy. I’ve been seeing this in action for years and love it all-night-long when MY agency’s creative department wins. Take a look at Dublin’s Mark […]