Is Likeable Media The Best Social Media Agency?

Likeable is a Good Thing.

About — likeable mediaI just wrote a blog post for Agency Post on the social media agency Likeable Media. I like Likeable media because they make themselves so likeable. Most agencies don’t try that hard at being liked. Personally, I think that you can project a professional image and be liked at the same time. It’s so social.

Likeable has a very strategic approach to how they present the agency and its messaging across what seems to be every social media channel. As I write in the post…

I’ve liked watching Likeable for the past seven years because it aggressively walks the social media walk. I view them as an instructive benchmark for how an agency should be using integrated social media as a high-energy business development platform.

If you need some proof of their success, Likeable’s Alexa website ranking (lower is better) is 89,889, while BBDO’s is 256,867 and Saatchi & Saatchi’s is 185,871. Both agencies are decades older than Likeable.

In addition to having a very well-developed agency story (its, yes, Likeable, cute and memorable in a very sweet human way that’s rare for agencies), Likeable is everywhere:

SlideShare (67 SlideShares)

Facebook (32,000 Likes)

YouTube (137,000 views)

Pinterest (2 Pinterest sites)


Google+ (a rather Google friendly social tool that most agencies ignore)

Twitter (29,000 Followers)



On their website with their active Blog and White Papers

Even Amazon where they sell their two social media best sellers

You can find out about even more things that I like by talking with me. Just click here for my Vito Corleone offer.

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