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I Bet You Can’t Read or Write (Code)

Sorry, You Can’t Read Or Write I can’t and neither can you (most likely). Here’s the drill. Virtually everything you do or rely on these days is controlled by computer code. You phone, your car, your house, your relationships, your business, your leisure time, even the blueberries you buy in summer. Oh, and, yes, all […]

D&AD Most Awarded 2014 – Videos

This year’s awards for videos… wonderful stuff. Almost makes me want to buy things.    

Finally, A Fcking Ad Agency Blog Worth Reading

I’m talking about The Escape Pod’s blog. Ok, its not the only ad agency blog worth reading, but, hey, lets face it, how many of these word-rich-self-loving missives ever enrich anything? Ooops, I’m being harsh.   In my line of work I read (well, actually scan) a bunch of ad agency blogs. Note to my […]

Is Likeable Media The Best Social Media Agency?

Likeable is a Good Thing. I just wrote a blog post for Agency Post on the social media agency Likeable Media. I like Likeable media because they make themselves so likeable. Most agencies don’t try that hard at being liked. Personally, I think that you can project a professional image and be liked at the […]

Wasserman + Partners: Ad Agency of The Week (Gets Blogging)

I am building a presentation for the 4A’s on good, bad and ugly advertising agency websites and social media programs from the perspective of business development. In my travels across the globe and my Pinterest advertising agency directory, I happend upon Vancouver’s Wasserman + Partners Advertising. Wasserman + Partners is the largest full-service agency in British Columbia […]