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Should Your Advertising Agency Podcast?

Does The World Need A New Advertising Agency Podcast? The big question… Should an advertising agency create and publish a podcast – now, in 2020? Read this before you launch your advertising agency podcast. I’ll try to get to the heart of the decision – using me as an example. My first podcast series was […]

Little Bird Marketing Kicks Ass

I apologize for saying this. It sure seems to me that a lot of advertising agencies are on their back foot. They are in de-accelerate mode. That means it is a great time to accelerate your business development program. There is a gap. Take advantage. Fill it. Juice it up. This post is about how […]

Advertising Agency Podcast Guide

I have been working on a new advertising podcast. So, why not create a quick advertising agency podcast guide based on my research? Here you go. FYI: My last podcast series which, I did for my own Portland Oregon agency, faded away in 2008. Ya think I was too early for the podcast market? My […]

Google And Your Advertising Agency Podcast

Do you have an advertising agency podcast? Yes? Cool. If not, Google might give you a new reason to consider having one. You know that Google wants to eat your advertising agency’s lunch. How? By moving their considerable power to a no click environment. That means in an ever-increasing search universe, many searchers, your Google […]

The Best Podcasts In The World

Yikes, “the best podcasts in the world” — How is that headline for click-bait? Maybe a 7 on a scale of 10? OK, a 6? Really, how lame are the click-bait headlines we all get sucker punched into launching? Ok, Ok… Now on to a couple of podcast recommendations. I have an agency client that […]