Do You Hug On LinkedIn?

Hi Hug Me Comment Image   MyCommentSpaceI love LinkedIn. It is a key element in my inbound marketing program. In the past 30 days alone, LinkedIn delivered over 250 visitors to my website and my posts on LinkedIn have been viewed by lots of nice folks. I’ve written about how to use LinkedIn as an inbound marketing tool a few times on this blog. Here is a list of past posts.

The LinkedIn Group Hug

I also post and comment occasionally in my LinkedIn groups. Some groups are better than others and a quick look to see if they are spam heavy helps me figure out which ones are run professionally. That said, one thing I haven’t done is to contact and send out hugs to fellow group members. I may do so when my book comes out but I won’t make direct contact unless there is a very good strategic reason to do so.

My friend Steve Klinetobe, the master of The Cartoon Agency, has a very funny take on how shared group membership alone might not be a powerful reason to get other members to hug you back.

Connectification  A LinkedIn Cartoon   The Cartoon Agency


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