Ad Agency… Should You Use Facebook?

Should ad agencies be using Facebook in their client’s online media program? Not according to a scathing new Forrester report. Read Forrester’s open letter to Mark Zuckerberg.

A graphics fan? Here is the most damning chart…

Forrester Report Says  Don’t Dedicate A Paid Ad Budget For Facebook    Business Insider


And, for a distillation of the Forrester report, here is Business Insider’s take.

I’ll digest the report just like you.

Should Your Agency Be Using Facebook As A business development Tool?

I have been amazed by the amount of time and energy that advertising agencies spend on their Facebook marketing. I mean, really, do you think that Facebook marketing is actually going to drive ad agency business development efforts? When was the last time you “liked” another agency’s Facebook page? Do you think that your future clients are hanging out on your Facebook page? Really?

Need some help with your agency’s social media program? This guy can help.

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