Ad Agency Social Media Check List

An Ad Agency Social Media Check List – But, Determine If You Can Do It All

How to Start an Advertising Agency   Expert Business AdviceI put a new infographic on social media planning and a  checklist below. It is a good one. Big thanks to Post Planner and its article “FINALLY! A Checklist for Social Media Marketing that Actually Helps or the advice and graphic. “

Good stuff.


Most advertising agencies cannot and will not do all that is recommended. I firmly believe that the 2 biggest issues confronting ad agency business development  programs are the lack of a clear plan (or any plan for that matter) and biting off more social media marketing than they can chew. This leads to inaction and inertia…. and not running the program 24/7. Therefore, my caution. This is a great chart on what to do and how to do it. But don’t bite it all off. You probably won’t be able to run it all.

That said, you must do the first two recommendations:

Define your target audience. I am continuously amazed at how few (50%?) of ad agency social media programs look like they do not have clear objectives and understand what will be of value to their target audience. Is it current or future clients? Culture support for your agency? The press? Prospective employees? 

Create interesting content to share. You can find articles and infographics to share. or, you can write posts like my 11 Must have Ad Agency Business Development Tools that has been shared over 400 times in the past 30 days.  I have to imagine that this post is well targeted and provides value.

A bit more: Well, there are a lot of things to think about when building an ad agency new business social media plan. However, here are a few thoughts for now. Really think hard about what social media platforms you are going to use – and have time to manage. This must be based on your goals and target markets. Some thought starters – very top-line:

All clients want and need social media expertise from their agencies. A key reason to use social media is to demonstrate proof that your agency gets it and does it and is really good at it.

So, what to use?

Agency Blog: Do it. But, make sure you know why. And… make sure you do it right: act authoritative, post frequently and mix up long (500+ words) and short posts. Make Google love you.

LinkedIn: This is a no-brainer. Your future clients are all on LinkedIn, have personal profiles and can be targeted individually or in groups. If you haven’t yet, create a corporate page. This will allow you to reach out to your prospects.

Twitter: Again, you can use tools to help you target your prospects and their categories. You will Tweet relevant re-Tweets, you will automatically add your blog posts to Twitter and you can use Twitter’s growing list of advertising tools.

Facebook: Clearly good for exhibiting your agency culture.  Tougher as a new business tool. That said, you can use Facebook ad tools and, because of its size, when you hit it you will get BIG traffic. Last year I had over 3,000 views to my blog from Facebook. This happened because my blog was post about the worst advertising pitch ever shared across the Saatchi & Saatchi world.

Pinterest: Way underused by agencies and, yes, it has 3 times more women vs. men. (Yes, I know that there are women in marketing.) However, it can be used strategically. See my advertising agency website list.

Instagram: This one is up to you. Like Facebook, it is a good tool to show agency culture.


One more tip. Calls to action in your social media programs are a good thing.

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