Some Sweet Free Consumer Research Tools

I Love Free Consumer Research Tools

1395146043_khloe-kardashian-articleI wrote about the new world of free (or virtually free) consumer research on LinkedIn. I discussed how I used Google Consumer Surveys to answer the question, “Have you ever considered retiring in Mexico?” The survey took about 10 minutes to set up and less than 24 hours for me to get 500 responses from my target group of 45 to 65-year olds. Surprisingly, 13% of this target group said yes.

OK, OK, it did cost me $50. But, really 50 bucks for a real survey is virtually free. (Yes, I know that serious researchers will have lots of questions about how Google runs these but, go with the flow.)

Another Google tool I use often (it is especially valuable to prove points in new business pitches) is Google Trends. Google Trends displays search history across the Google world view. Need to convince your client that she should hire Khloe Kardashian for its next social media program? Let Google Trends show you our wonderful world’s interest in this highly talented young woman.


Google Trends   Web Search interest  Khloé Kardashian   Worldwide  Jan 2008   Aug 2015




There’s MoreFree Research Just For You

I am sure you know about Survey Monkey. Here are a couple of newbies.

Typeform is an online survey and form builder. From Typeform:

Online forms are an integral, if often unflattering, part of any modern business. By matching your style, both verbally and visually, typeforms transform the way you collect data, so you can put your stamp on what you ask.

What if there was a medium that can be both your promo flyer and your application form? A single tool that builds all sorts of competitions, with the perfect looks for social media. That’s what a typeform is.

Time and resources for developing landing pages, microsites and product presentations are scarce. Your project deserves to make a great first impression, and be ready to interact with visitors from the off.

Free Survey Creator. Surveys… fast.

Tally creates instant polls. Here is an example.

Need Some Help?

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