Ogilvy, Pinterest and Ad Agency New Business

ogilvy on pinterestTake a look at how Ogilvy is using Pinterest as a new business tool and as a rich information resource for their global employees. They have over 110 boards, 1,000 pins and over 8,000 followers.

Sure, Ogilvy has cadres of workers to pin the globe but someone in management is clearly committed to this new (OK, relatively new) and massively growing social media platform. This site looks like it has more infographics than, well, who knows. It’s a great infographic resource and they add to it every week.

I use Pinterest as a business development tool as well – it delivers traffic to this very blog. To gain a footprint on Pinterest and to target folks like you, I built the Pinterest advertising agency directory.

Do you need some help in deciding if Pinterest is a good tool for your agency’s new business program? Here is my post:

10 Reasons To Use Pinterest For Advertising Agency New Business

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