10 Reasons To Use Pinterest For Advertising Agency New Business

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It took me a while but I’ve discovered the value of using Pinterest as a new business “content marketing” platform. My move to Pinterest is a result of an accidental meeting on a flight between New York and Portland. My seat-mate was an executive at Edelman PR and she regaled me with multiple case histories on how the agency was using Pinterest for its clients to drive traffic and sales.

I went home and explored Pinterest and read some of the dozens of marketing articles on this high-growth social media tool. I was sold. Pinterest is now a primary element in my new business content marketing program and you can see it in action on my advertising agency directory right here. My plan is to pin and review every advertising agency website in the USA and some international markets. I now list over 1,000 agency websites. If you agency isn’t on the site or you’ve redesigned the site recently, let me know.

Back to your agency new business program and Pinterest. Have you looked hard at Pinterest? I think you should. Here’s a quick overview of why.

1. Pinterest is growing like crazy.

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2. Pinterest has high link value and it drives more referral traffic than YouTube, Yahoo! and Google+ combined. Need more? Pinterest sends more referral traffic to websites than Twitter. To take advantage of its search engine magnetism, Pinterest should be optimized to increase traffic. Here’s a valuable infographic on Pinterest search engine optimization.

3. Pinterest is very social and drives reach. Its very community oriented and following others and re-pins drive traffic and awareness.

4. It easily integrates your pins with your website, blog, Twitter and Facebook.

5. It will drive your agency branding and traffic via branded boards and URL placement.

6. There is a growing list of third-party Pinterest management and analytical tools including influence tracking.

7. Pinterest is a significant ecommerce driver. Here are some stats.

8. Pinterest is a visual medium and let’s face it, as an agency you are by nature a visual marketer.

9. Because Pinterest is image driven it can be worked into a busy agency’s workflow. It’s much faster to update than your blog.

10. Get ahead of the wave. You still have time to look like a Pinterest marketing expert to your clients and prospects.

What About Me?

I want to own the idea of “advertising” on Pinterest. As I mentioned above, I plan to pin the home page of every advertising website, add mini-reviews based on my agency new business and website development experience and then link back to the long-form reviews on this blog and YouTube channel. Follow me. I’ll be adding to the boards every week.

I will be marketing the Pinterest resource but Pinterest-driven search engine optimization is already working. I’ve searched on various advertising related search terms and my Pinterest site has been graciously delivered high up on Goggle’s SERP. What subject would you like to own on Pinterest? It is still early.

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  1. hey peter thanks! this is the best information about Pinterest advertising. Before reading your interesting content i was just taking Pinterest as a normal social media platform but you just sold me to Pinterest. Thanks for the share…. good job

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