Nike+ Accelerator, TechStars, Wieden+Kennedy, Opal Labs and Moi

Nike Fuel Band Preorder  Restock    Nike InsiderShould advertising agencies get involved with the digital startup scene? Is going down this digital road a smart idea? What’s the payoff? I wanted to know so I assembled some of Portland’s leading accelerator (Nike+ Accelerator and UpStart Labs), advertising agency (Wieden+Kennedy) and very sharp startup (Opal Labs) leaders for a Portland Ad Federation session.

It grooved. Check it out. Oh, moi? I’m the moderator.

Here is how the Ad Fed announced the program:


Portland has hit the radar: Business Week has noted the stunning growth of our tech scene. Local start-ups are actually being funded fueling awareness and rivaling Portland’s larger competitors (like San Francisco).

The fuel for the fire? Accelerators (PIE: Portland Incubator Experiment) in partnership with leading brands, technology innovators, and trend setting local agencies (Wieden+Kennedy); Upstart Labs is helping grow local companies Chirpify and Celly; and the Nike+ Accelerator is powering TechStars and Nike.

PAF’s GET STARTED gives you a front-row seat by bringing together the leaders of PIE, Upstart and Nike+ Accelerator. Unearthing the magic behind growing startups, they’ll outline how advertising and digital agencies can and are providing guidance and support to bring companies to life. You’ll learn how your agency/company can participate in this trend and how you’ll benefit and grow from your own tech chops alongside your startup partners.

Our panel of PORTLAND INSIDERS will add perspective to nurturing an internal startup:

DYLAN BOYD, Managing Director, Nike+ Accelerator
KEVIN TATE, General Partner, Upstart Labs
RENNY GLEESON, Co-Founder, PIE / Digital Guru at Wieden+Kennedy
STEVE GIANNINI, President & CFO, Opal Labs
PETER LEVITAN, Peter Levitan & Co.
By the way, I was the founder and CEO of two Internet startups. Microsoft bought one. You can read about them and other fascinating facts right here.

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