My Book’s Video On Ad Agency Pitching

My Book On Ad Agency Pitching – And, The Use Of Video To Sell It

TheLevitanPitch_COVER_Small-202x300A good and smart advertising friend is in the process of marketing his new book, “Rise Up: How To build A Socially Conscious Business”. Writing books is a good thing. He asked for some ideas on book marketing since I’ve published four books – two non-fiction and two photo books  – with another on its way.

Here is one big book marketing idea… Create an informational sales video for your book and get it up on your book’s Amazon page and… your book’s sales landing page. I put my video below to give you an example. However, here are a few more points.

  • Write a book to help sell your agency. Pick a subject that deals with your target market’s ‘pain points.’ My pain point, targeted at YOU, is how to win more new business pitches.
  • Your book will make you look like an expert and isn’t that what your future client is looing for?
  • The book does not have to be looooooong. Just, super smart and helpful. Look at how short many of Seth Godin’s books are
  • Use smart interviews with industry leaders and influencers to create content and make friends. About one-third of book is loaded with highly useful interviews.
  • Market the book in your inbound and outbound marketing programs. You know how to do this.
  • Repurpose and leverage the book’s content on your Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, blog pages.
  • Guest post on big industry websites to gain broad awareness and message reach.
  • Get your friends, like me, to help promote your book.
  • Use the book to get invited to speak at conferences. I am in April in L.A. speaking at Hannapin Marketing’s Hero Conference. It is the world’s largest PPC conference. My session is directed to digital marketing agencies: “Is PPC The Smartest Way To Sell Your Agency’s Services? Um, No.”
  • OK, one more link. here is my HubSpot presentation on why you should write a book

My ad agency dedicated book, Buy This Book. Win More Pitches. (see above to purchase) just had its best sales month in January. I think that is because agency folks just like you thought hard over the holidays about how to grow your agency. As a FYI, in addition to books sales, I also get a large number of qualified leads for my consulting business at the start of the year. Looks like you guys have some pent up sales needs. Give ma a shout, I can help you get this whole process right.

OK, My Video

I asked Rebecca Armstrong, Managing director of Portland’s North agency to interview me. Easy!


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