Kill It On Twitter And Linkedin

Twitter and LinkedIn form, along with this blog, the backbone of my inbound marketing program. Easily, 90% of my qualified leads (2-3 per week on average) come from my social media marketing. The other 10% come from speaking engagements and networking / referrals.

Kill It On LinkedIn

I just found the LinkedIn marketing expert Stephanie Sammons via her podcast interview on Social Media Examiner. In the podcast she discusses the marketing benefits of the fairly new LinkedIn publishing platform with the host Michael Stelzner. You can now publish on this platform to reach LinkedIn’s zillions of members. Cool right? Listen to the podcast and then check out Stephanie’s blog Build Online Influence. I could say more but, like me, you are probably ADHD so just do these two things.

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Kill It On Twitter

There are lots of tools to help you get the most out of Twitter. Just Google “Twitter tools” and you’ll see bushels.

StephSammons s profile    Twitonomy

One of my favorites is Twitonomy. When you listen to the Social Media Examiner podcast, Michael will start with a quick overview of this great tool. To give you a very clear, visual look at its value, I did an analysis of Stephanie’s Twitter feed and include the full page to the left. Wow, this tool goes deep. Learn about it, play with it and then start to use it to help manage your Twitter expertise. I do and I recommend it to all of my advertising agency clients.

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