How To Position An Advertising Agency – Part III


24 Advertising Agency Positionings Just For You

I promised my friends at Advertising Week that I’d list 24 advertising agency positioning ideas. Here’s the list. First a couple of caveats.

If you have the time, I suggest that you start at Part I. If not, note that…

I know that from a Brand Police perspective, that these may not be pure “Brand Positions.”

They are, however, meant to be thought-starters that lead the way out from our more standardized — as in me-too — agency positioning statements to the promised land of differentiation and, most importantly, to provide a reason to have your agency stand out from the 4,000 or so other “agencies” down the street and around the globe.

The 24…

We Are Creative

  1. We are storytellers
  2. We design and grow brands.
  3. Our work breaks through clutter.
  4. We really are creative – we mean it! Ask to see our Clios, Lions, D&AD’s, Webby’s…

We Are Strategic

  1. We are a marketing R&D lab.
  2. We deliver and manage customer relationships.
  3. Our media research drives effective and efficient buys.

We’ve Got Attitude

  1. We disrupt.
  2. We are way cool.
  3. We are ambitious.
  4. We are client collaborators 🙂

We Are Experts

  1. We take challenger brands to #1.
  2. We’ve decoded mobile advertising
  3. We concentrate on B-to-B advertising.
  4. We get visual marketing (i.e. Vine, Instagram and Pinterest.)
  5. We are retail / shopper-marketing experts.
  6. We are demographic group experts (i.e. The Affluent, Gen Y, Moms, Hispanic.)
  7. We know your industry (i.e. destination marketing, healthcare, luxury, outdoors.)

We Deliver Results

  1. We crunch Big Data for breakfast.
  2. We are all about conversion optimization and ROI.

We Deliver Reassurance

  1. Our founder wrote, “Whassup?”
  2. Our CEO ran marketing at Apple.

We Get Around

  1. Think Global.
  2. We own your town, state or region.

If you’ve made it this far (I am assuming you’ve read Parts I and II) congrats. I hope I’ve started to stimulate some thinking to get your agency past the same old same old.

Don’t forget to read Part I.

Now For My Positioning – Uber Experienced Business Development Dude (er, Bloke)

I advise advertising agencies on how to build and manage extraordinarily innovative business development programs.

I can do this because I ran business development at Saatchi, for my two Internet start-ups and for my own Portland ad / digital agency. I understand the brand positioning, messaging and marketing issues confronting global, mid-sized and small agencies. I am also a decent bloke.

Let’s go. Click this link.

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