Advertising Agency Business Development Is Hard Work

If there is anything I’ve figured out in my ad career is that business development is hard work. But, working hard at business development works. Here is what I did yesterday and what it netted.

agency-graphic-300x160I woke up to see that a new guest post of mine was published on the website Business2Community. I wrote the post during the weekend. I chose to post on Business2Community because at a score of 82 it has high domain authority and this authority gets passed on to my own website when I include links in the guest post (read about domain authority and why you want it at MOZ.)

My post, “6 Critical Sales Mistakes Advertising Agencies Make” was targeted to  the advertising and small business communities. Because of a B2C business relationship, my post was also published on Yahoo! Small Business (just imagine the power of Yahoo!’s domain authority.)

In addition to Business2Community, I’ve guest posted on AdPulp, The Advertising Week Social Club and Agency Post (see some links below.) A new post on Talent Zoo is next. Now that I’ve developed some street cred, I’ll soon approach the ad biz website holy grails of ADWEEK and AdAge to see if I can write on ad agency business development for them. They both have very high domain authority and obviously high readership in the ad community.

After my post was published, I followed up with Tweets to my Followers, RT requests to some of my more Followed friends and direct requests to friends asking for article comments. I wanted to generate some Internet juice.

The Net?

I received a bunch of retweets, comments on the article that are slowly streaming in because Business2Community reviews the comments, a very good day for unique visitors (any day I get over 250 uniques to my narrowly focussed website is a good day) and these visitors hit the pages that were linked to within the guest post. According to Google Analytics most of these are new visitors. So far, today is tracking to be another good day for me to make new friends care of B2C.

The Real Net?

The reason for working hard at business development is that it delivers work.

I got 2 new leads from potential advertising agency clients. 2 is good. I close most active leads.

I’ll be writing more about guest posting since I am a believer. Oh, here are the links to some guest posts that show just how hard this stuff is.


Advertising Week.

Agency Post.

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