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images tvI’ve been thinking about doing a series on the best (and, maybe the worst) sales videos that ad agencies use on their websites. Agency videos work hard as a business development tool by explaining the agency positioning, skill set, history and, as an introduction to its people and personality.

Introducing the agency’s people is a very good thing because we know that interpersonal chemistry is a key factor in how clients select agencies. And, why not begin to build out chemistry when potential clients make their first visit to an agency via the website. A mega plus is that a scripted video helps agencies control what and how they talk about themselves the first time a client “meets” them.

As a kickoff, here is the agency video from JESS3. I often use JESS3 as a positive example of an agency that picked a niche and established a unique positioning to help them rapidly grow from being a small agency to having a blue chip national client base. This is the Holy Grail for many regional agencies. However, few seem to be willing to take the plunge into a specialized segment that will widen their geographic footprint.

JESS3’s niche is data visualization. From the agency’s Wikipedia page:

JESS3 was founded in 2007 by web designer Jesse Thomas its CEO, and Leslie Bradshaw former president and COO. JESS3 is a creative interactive agency specializing in producing videos and graphics to explain complex information through “visual storytelling.” The agency’s focus on data visualization worked.

By 2011, the agency listed Nike, Intel, Microsoft, NASA, MySpace, Facebook, Google, Yahoo! and Samsung as clients. Believe me, if JESS3 had been a “full-service” agency they would have been noticed by these major advertisers.

The agency website announces their focus front and center (another good thing – no hunting for the brand positioning):

At JESS3 we take complex topics and large data sets and make them accessible through beautiful visuals.

We are a creative interactive agency that specializes in the art of data visualization, adding context and meaning to the exponentially growing world of data around us.

The JESS3 Ad Agency Video

This is a high energy, personable and informative video. At 2 minutes it might be long for some some but it works for JESS3. Why?

  • The video is fast paced and not a 2 minute taking head.
  • The video immediatly introduces Jess and Leslie as likeable agency founders and positions them as leaders.
  • It nails the agency sales proposition.
  • It quickly mentions clients like Google and Nike to provide credibility.
  • The video goes past just talking about data visualization to discussing its marketing benefits.
  • The video briefly talks about how JESS3 does its magic.
  • Again, to deliver credibility, the agency talks about growing from 2 people to 30 and into 4 offices.
  • They tell us that clients consider the agency “best in class at data visualization and visual storytelling.”
  • To top it off, JESS3 says that it gets calls from clients because the agency has a focus. Focus is a good thing.
  • And…. this is just one of 51 videos that the agency has on its Vimeo channel.

OK, I’ll stop writing. Here is the video.


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