Ad Agency CEO’s: 1 Facebook Reason To Pay Attention To Mobile

I’ve written about how ad agencies, and digital agencies for that matter, need to move into mobile much faster.

A Wall Street Journal article on Facebook’s growth,  “Facebook’s Hard Desk Job”, reported that Facebook is seeing phenomenal growth in mobile advertising (from $0 to $374 million in the 1st quarter — this kinda amazing factoid hammers last year’s fear that Facebook was missing the mobile parade.)

But, the point that really is the wake up call for agencies is that Facebook U.S. saw a decline from 153 million unique traditional computer visitors to 142 million during the same time period. Think about it… Facebook saw a DECLINE in uniques from the desktop.

What to do Ms. Agency CEO? If I were running an agency I’d be dialing up my mobile chops. Get this… we’ve moved from worrying about Internet advertising killing traditional to mobile killing everything in a blink.

Need more info… From Comscore:


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