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Advertising Agency Coaches Are Pissing Me Off.

$2,250 For A Group-Grope Agency Coaches Seminar? Huh? WTF! One of my California ad agency clients passed on an advertising agency coaching seminar email solicitation. She pointed out that two of my advertising agency coaching competitors are charging $2,250 for agency managers to attend a group seminar on agency positioning. Huh, I’m like, $2,250 to […]

Three Powerful Advertising Agency Quotes

Here Are Three Advertising Agency Quotes To Help You Focus On Business Development Mario Andretti The first quote is from Mario Andretti. Andretti won races in Formula 1 (a world champion), NASCAR, IndyCar (three-time champion), and World Sportscar Championship. This is a serious dude. The quote is intended to kick you in your ass. “If […]

The Secrets of Advertising Agency Business Development

The Not So Secrets of Advertising Agency Business Development Do you think that advertising agency business development is hard? Try getting featured on Spotify or on stage at Coachella or Carnegie Hall. OK, so how do you get to Carnegie Hall? Well, you know the answer: Practice, Practice, Practice. That really means having objectives, strategies, […]

What Do Advertising Clients Want? I Asked A Real Mad Men Man

I asked a real Mad Men man, a senior exec at the Association of National Advertisers, and a long-time playa in the industry, about the current state of the advertising industry. Most importantly, “what do advertising clients want?” Here are some answers that should be digested and could impact your agency’s business strategy no matter […]

The Advertising Agency CEO and Marketing Data Analytics

I recently had a couple of conversations about the increasing use of marketing data analytics in advertising, design and, of course, digital marketing. A Big DUH! The conversations led me to a DUH! A Duh! I am sure you are living through. Data rules marketing these days (good or bad) given where we are in […]