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An Advertising Agency Survival Guide

My Advertising Agency Survival Guide. 2020 Version. Tough question. Will your advertising agency survive? Here is my educated take on which advertising agencies will survive and how they will make it happen. It is my advertising agency survival guide. Having gone through the 2007 – 2008 recession as an agency owner, I saw approximately one-third […]

Advertising Agency Coaches Are Pissing Me Off.

$2,250 For A Group-Grope Agency Coaches Seminar? Huh? WTF! One of my California ad agency clients passed on an advertising agency coaching seminar email solicitation. She pointed out that two of my advertising agency coaching competitors are charging $2,250 for agency managers to attend a group seminar on agency positioning. Huh, I’m like, $2,250 to […]

The Advertising Agency Of The Future

What Does The Advertising Agency Of The Future Look Like? How About Your Agency? The advertising agency of the future needs some serious planning and agility. No surprise here. But, what is surprising to me is the lack of attention paid to how to craft an advertising agency for the future. Just for the hell […]

Client Thoughts On The Advertising Agency RFP Process

The Advertising Agency Client RFP – Go Or No Go As an agency owner and business development director at Saatchi, I received many RFP’s — Request For Proposals. The reaction to receiving an RFP ranged from delight (YES, a big brand and client is interested in us) to dismay (a brand is asking us to […]

Ad Agencies And The Art Of Philanthropy

This is an update to my original 2013 blog post – Ad Agencies and the Art of Philanthropy. I am updating because it is that season when people kinda wake up and think a bit more about being philanthropic. This is, of course, good news. However, I think that while giving to the needy or […]