Yes, You Can Write and Publish A Business Book in 6 Months

You Can Write and Publish A Book in 6 Months – I Did It Twice

Here is a SlideShare presentation on how advertising agencies can write and publish a business-building book in 6 months. I know that this can be done. To-date, I have written two books and each took me about 6 months. Agencies with in-house writers and designers should be able to easily match me.

I wrote the presentation for HubSpot’s Inbound Conference. I’ll be giving it to an audience of advertising and marketing folks.

My main points are:

Books are a powerful marketing tool that builds credibility and enhances and supports branding. I’d like to think that this is what my new The Levitan Pitch. Buy This Book. Win More Pitches. will do for me.

  • Advertising and design agencies have all of the tools to write and design a book.
  • They (and you) have content multiplies that will help get the book written and out.
  • I suggest going all digital: publish a print-on-demand paperback (the quality of myAmazon printed books is amazing), an eBook and have a voice over friend do an audio book for all of those east and west coast commuters.

Now that you’ve seen how to write the book, you might want to actually buy it.

Just go to Amazon and, well, buy it.

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