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A New Advertising Book?

Should I Write Another Advertising Book? Should you write your advertising (agency) book? I’ve written and produced four books since I sold my Portland advertising agency in 2012. I am now thinking of “writing” a new advertising book based on a tight edit of the best thinking I’ve delivered on this blog. I currently have […]

An Irresistible New Business Sales Pitch

Love Our Sales Pitch Imagine running a business development program that is so powerful your potential clients can’t ignore it. I am talking about the new business power of creating a brand position, business proposition and messaging system that becomes a must read. And, even better, a must read that must be passed around entire organizations. […]

“The Levitan Pitch” Ad Agency Book Video

“The Levitan Pitch” Ad Agency Book Author Video — On Amazon I’ve written and talked about why and how your ad agency should write a book. You can see my presentation “The Agency Book. From Idea To Published In 6 Months” below. In the presentation I mention that video is a great way to promote your […]

The Video: How To Write An Advertising Agency Book

My HubSpot Inbound Conference Video: “The Advertising Agency Book – From Idea To Publication in 6 Months” Here is a video of the talk I gave at HubSpot’s Inbound 2014 conference. Watch my presentation to find out how to write an advertising agency book by mid 2015. Yes, you can do it. The video will show you how to get a […]

12 Mistakes Advertising Agencies Make When Pitching & Presenting

Here are my 12 favorite advertising agency pitching and presentation mistakes. Delivered as a ‘must do’s’ cartoon poster. I’ve purposely served the pitching mistakes up as advice, as things to do. Why? Because as you will see throughout my paperback and eBook, The Levitan Pitch. (especially in the interview section) many advertising agencies, pitch leaders, and […]