Social Media Needs Personality

No Personality = Boring Social Media

09352fdbe35a23ea367800dbbb95df42-439x285Here is an article worth reading about the power of personality to driveB2B  social media readership.

I read CBInsights newsletter every day. In addition to its making me smarter, it is fun to read.

Is Your Content Boring?

You can be informative and boring. Or, you can be informative and entertaining. I’ll take the later.

Some words about CBInsights’ non-boring approach from Tearsheets “Anand Sanwal is bringing love to finance data”.

Every evening at around 6 p.m., over 300,000 people get a love letter in their inbox. After some charts, random news bits and some snark, it ends with an over familiar (and some might say downright creepy) sign off: “I Love You.”

That’s the trademark of Anand Sanwal, the 43-year-old CEO and co-founder of a B2B data company, CB Insights, and self-proclaimed introvert.

“The newsletter affords me the ability to be a little bit outlandish,” he said. “In person, I prefer to be anonymous. In the little geek circle we play in, it’s become tougher to be that way.”

Sanwal did, and the newsletter exploded. With the right tone, humor and a hint of irreverence, Sanwal and his team have made data fun and developed character that connects with its readership. The newsletters highlight terrible charts on the Internet, pick through troves of CB Insights data and data visualization and even include hate letters from readers.

The Plan

Sign up to get CBInsights. Read it for two weeks. Decide that interesting is better than boring. Take a hard look at your thought leadership content and decide for yourself…

Should We Be Boring Or Interesting?

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