The Very Merry Advertising Christmas Gift

The Very Merry Advertising Book Christmas Gift

book for pop upI recently had one of the best known people in the advertising industry tell me that I might just be over promoting my book on pitching. I went, um, really? But, I did take note because he does know his advertising stuff. So, that said….

Buy My Book Right Now As A Christmas Gift For Your Advertising Friends

Buy it here on Amazon

Need are some cheery reasons to help you make this decision…

It is a good book that is written to help advertising agencies win more pitches. A few bucks to win more pitches – why wouldn’t you buy it?

The reviews from experts have been very positive. Like this one…

“I possibly have read every book about agency pitches and none come close to the rich, detailed information and guidance that you will find in this book. It lives up to its title. I highly recommend that every advertising, digital, media and PR agency principal read it.” – Michael Gass

Hear me discuss the book and some of my thoughts on pitching care of an interview on the nature of the advertising agency pitch on Mitch Joel’s Six Pixels of Separation Podcast.

Last but not least…

Advertising People Are Procrastinators

Good News: Amazon will get the book to your special loved one very quickly.

Oh, and a Very Merry Christmas!

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