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Inbound Marketing Delivers Inbound New Business

inbound-marketing-graphicOK, not big news here: inbound marketing works. But, in the interest of sharing, I’d just like to say it works for me big time and how it does that.

A couple of weeks ago I sensed that the number of high-octane inbound inquiries was falling off. I usually get at least a couple of qualified new business leads from interested advertising agencies a week. Noting the decline, I did the following…

  • I increased the number of new blog posts. I make sure these are very SEO friendly.
  • I boosted a Facebook post on my ‘corporate’ Facebook page (note, not a page I update on a frequent basis, at least not as much as my blog). $50 helped me get this post on advertising agency search consultants read by 1,275 well-targeted advertising leaders.
  • I upped my use of Buffer to get high traffic past posts scheduled in increased frequency on LinkedIn and Twitter. I scheduled these at different times across the day and night since my business is global.
  • I increased posting relevant blog posts in advertising and industry-related LinkedIn Groups.

Did it work?

Yes. I now have four ‘hot’ leads – from the USA, South America, and Europe. Was this a direct result of my upping my inbound efforts? I can’t directly attribute all of the leads to this effort  since not all agencies ever remember how they heard of me*. However, I have seen a 300% increase in the type of leads I want.

This makes me happy.

So…. I will just do more. Why not? My increased efforts just cost me some time and $50 bucks.

*Interestingly, it is often a long-term / repeat exposure to my brand. They see me via SEO on Google, read the blog, see guest posts, read me on LinkedIn and have bought my book on pitching.




  1. It’s amazing how much a little budget can do on Facebook! Have you ever tried/seen results with LinkedIn Ads?

  2. Good question. I’ll do a test. So far, i have been pleased with targeting the right groups with blog posts…

  3. Cool! I look forward to hearing about your results. I’ve done a few tests with LinkedIn and found it to be exponentially more expensive than all the other social outlets – but, someone with your knowledge and expertise I’d be curious to see if you find the secret sauce!
    Thanks for sharing your insights.

  4. I agree with your words in the article, but now a days these factors are not enough for any business.
    Thanks for sharing…..

  5. Facebook branding definitely will boost the sales for business, and also helpful to get more traffic to website.

  6. It’s a good factors to any business to promote product digitally.
    Thank you for sharing your experience

  7. These five factors definitely impact on any website or business to promote their brand.

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