How Advertising Agencies Can Grow Their Twitter Followers

Man, agencies like to be followed. Followed by potential clients, future gifted employees, the trade press, ad bloggers and on Twitter.

How to grow on Twitter followers? Here is a link to an academic study on Twitter usage and popularity from The Georgia Institute of Technology. You will need some spare time for this or just scroll down for the chart.

So, what works?…

  1. Network overlap. People follow tweets that their friends follow.
  2. High re-tweet ratio. People love what others love and recommend. Why not ask for the RT?
  3. Activity as in Tweets per hour. Reasonable Tweets per hour that is. I have some friends that are way too prolific.
  4. Audience relevance. Lots of pics of your agency dogs might not cut it.

What dosen’t work?

  1. Negative sentiment.
  2. Overdoing irrelevance. Those pesky dogs again.
  3. Interestingly, the over use of hash-tags. No argument here.

Here is the handy chart:








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