2016 Winners and Losers

My 2016 Winners and Losers

tomWell, not just mine. Here is a video from L2 and its CEO Scott Galloway on his 2016 predictions. Galloway is one of the more entertaining folks out there and his take on what is working and not in marketing and the digital space is always worth a watch. He is well viewed so if you haven’t yet, you’d better because I suspect your smartest clients watch him. A key takeaway? Your agency needs to understand the world of messaging.

The massive world of messaging has been one of my big winners too. Especially messaging plus chatbots – a perfect new marketing space for agencies and their inherent skills. Here are a bunch of articles on the subject.

A Loser?

Advertising, PR, digital, content, experiential agencies that sit on their business development haunches and hope that their telephone or email chimes with incoming clients. No, just sitting on your ass and playing the ‘word-of-mouth-referal-game’ won’t win new clients. I wrote about the need for relentless sales ENERGY right here: Your Advertising Agency must Kick Ass in 2017.

A Winner — Vaynerchuck

But, but, wait, wait, there’s more. Below is one of this year’s smartest keynote addresses. In this case…  from the effervescent Gary Vaynerchuck of online wine and Vayner Media fame. This talk (rant) is his 2016 Inbound keynote care of HubSpot. I love HubSpot. They publish my stuff. By the way, I tell all of my agency clients to guest post for broad awareness, message reach, and fame. Here are some of mine….  I walk my talk.

This keynote is long. Break it up into thirds and watch it hard. I don’t care who you are. You will get more than one inspiring moment. Gary walks the talk too. Vayner Media just might be the fastest growing agency today. Why? They do not sit on their ass waiting for the phone to ring.

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