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eMarketer and Digital Advertising Growth

eMarketer and Digital Advertising Growth Douglas Clarke, eMarketer’s PR Manager – North America (dclark@emarketer.com) shared some information on the digital advertising market ahead of the large Advertising Week conference. US Advertising Revenue In 2016, total media ad spending will reach $195.76 billion, an increase of 6.9% over last year.   This year in the US, digital ad […]

Must Watch Internet Trends Via Mary Meeker

Share This With Your Team: Mary Meeker’s 2016 Internet Trends Report & Its Impact On Advertising A must read: The annual Mary Meeker peek at what’s happening in the Internet universe. Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers partner Mary Meeker delivers her annual internet trends report. She says “easy growth is behind us” as the newest […]

How To Build A Client Prospect list

The Ad Agency Client Prospect List I am a card carrying inbound marketer. Most of my advertising agency clients come to me via my inbound efforts that include some decent SEO, lots of informative blog posts and SMM (Social Media Manipulation – take that S&M). This is most likely how you found this website. However, […]

Donald Trump And Twitter And You

Twitter Madness: Donald Trump VS. Hillary VS. Bernie Look at the hashtag numbers. It’s mind-blowing. What is your takeaway? What’s the learning for your clients? Just sayin. (Um, by the way, who the heck is running the Democrat’s social media program?)    

Top 11 Marketing Podcasts

My Favorite 11 Marketing Podcasts This blog post is the latest installment of my growing Advertising Agency Resources list. I’ll get to the Top 11 essential marketing podcasts below. But, first, a bit of my personal podcasting history. I’ve been hot – then cold – then hot on this subject. I was early into the podcasting […]