Instant Social Media Content For Your Brand And Advertising Agency

OK, I admit it, there is no instant social media content. But, there is fast. In fact, fast and good. In fact, there really is fast + good + cheap. Which, as you might suspect, will make a brand and any advertising agency very happy.

I have used a few different methods to accelerate the generation of more than 600 blog posts. Try a few of these on for size.


Interviewing an expert, or even a consumer in your client’s or client industry or target market can take as few as 5 minutes up to say 45. A 45-minute interview will deliver approximately 8,000 words that you could cut up into 4 2,000 word blog entries or whatever you like to do with content, ur, I mean highly valuable insights. My book on presenting and pitching has multi interviews that I also amplified into blog posts. You bought the book so you’ve read those interviews and will now win more pitches – right?

I was recently interviewed for the Working Without Pants podcast. After Selling Your Agency, was published, I sent it to and now have an 8,000-word transcript I can edit down into bite-sized blog posts.


Easy… just turn on your webcam and talk. Less easy, but easy enough ideas: Go on the street and do some interviews or do a webcam interview with a genius (remember you can turn that into copy via a transcribing company.)

Rip Off A Podcast

Here’s a post I created by responding to the Adage interview with Lindsay Slaby. I took the interview, sent it to for transcription and commented on what Lindsay was saying. Easy, smart and brilliant. All around. Here is the blog post that was created by borrowing some content from Ad Age, Ad Age Small Agency Conference Podcast.

Do A Google Survey

I’d imagine that you know about this Google tool. Well, maybe not. So, here is how Google Surveys can help you make some instant social media content. Insight-driven instant content.

Instagram It

27% of all Instagram posts are reposts of other people’s posts, photos, ideas, whatever. Well, maybe not 27% but you know that lots of folks borrow. Why can’t your brand or advertising agency?

Example idea (a good one, by the way): do a series on the top 100 brand logos and just make a short sweet comment. Hashtag every brand your on the way way to Instagram heaven.

Steal Like An Artist

Steal an idea. Then do it your way. You’ve read Austin Kleon’s “Steal Like An Artist”, right? I bet your creative director read it. Stealing is a business art.

There is fast stealing. One way I generate additional listings for my Big Advertising Agency Resources List is by reading and listening to people that create their own lists. Through them, I find a new tool, check it out and apply it to the needs of the advertising industry.

An example of slower stealing is when Citrus, my Portland agency, took an idea from New York’s Gartner L2.

L2 did quantitative and qualitative reviews of how fashion brands used social media. These reviews compared brands like Gucci and Fendi. The brands HAD to look at the research since it was about their competitor. My agency stole the idea of reviewing the health care market social media landscape, created our own “L2” report and won a couple of huge west coast health accounts because we got their attention and look like a market leader.

Need stealable ideas? Contact me. Not yet into stealing? Need a quote? Yup, I stole this quote from Austin’s book.

 “Art is theft.” Pablo Picasso.

More Ideas?

Of course, I have them. Call me and ask. Take me up on my Don Corleone offer.

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