Three Must Have Social Media Content Strategies

Repeated For Effect: Here are three important social media content terms and strategies to add to your advertising agency’s 2020 marketing plan.

The world of social media “content” (what a strange, and a bit anti-descriptive, term) is going through major changes and increasing challenges. Getting seen is muy difficult. Example: there are now over 500 million blogs. There were 150 million in 2010. Instagram addicts upload over 95 million posts and 400 million stories every day. Given this content and brand attention-seeking barrage… How does one stand out in an overrun world of social media content?

I could give you more stats that show how difficult it is to break out from the clutter. I won’t here. All you have to do is a quick search to see lots of websites that list stats for every corner of the social media landscape.

So, back to the question… “how do you stand out?”

Three Social Media Content Terms and Strategies You Should Be Thinking About Using.

1. Omnichannel.

Today one has to think through getting past a one or even two-channel strategy. Too often I see advertising agencies concentrate on one channel. Examples… blogs or LinkedIn or Facebook or Twitter – or you name it. Simply put, in a world of serious customer ADHD, you and your sales prospects will use Youtube, Netflix, multiple phone apps, maybe a blog, and on — today. The way to get out in front of this craziness is to go Omnichannel. Just do it, use more than one channel in your marketing. Here is a Wikipedia definition.

Omnichannel is a cross-channel content strategy that organizations use to improve their user experience and drive better relationships with their audience across points of contact. Rather than working in parallel, communication channels and their supporting resources are designed and orchestrated to cooperate.

2. Content Sprouting.

For years I have been advocating what I have called content amplification. Another term, I kinda dig it right now, is content sprouting. Content sprouting recognizes that you will need more than one touch to make a sale. The guys at Marketing School have called it the Rule Of Seven. You need seven touches to make that sale.

How to do that? Well, content sprouting advocates taking one piece of content, say a 30-minute video, and cutting it and repurposing it onto different platforms and different sizes. That video could be a podcast and/or transcribed into lots of LinkedIn bits. Here is a simple example. I wrote The Levitan Pitch. Buy This Book. Win More Pitches. I have turned the copy from its 242 pages into multiple blog posts and have used the copy and ideas in podcasts and guest posts. Thousands have bought the book and thousands have read micro-parts across the social media landscape.

But, Peter, we are a very busy agency. How can we sprout all that content? Well, the only way to get it done is to have a clear social media content system, plan, and process. I have that. You should have a system. Treat your agency the same way you work with your clients.

3. Go-Native.

I use the term Go-Native to point out that one needs to respect how people use each social media channel’s attributes. There isn’t one size fits all. Examples… A YouTube optimized video isn’t optimized for the Instagram platform or, or more obviously, TikTok. Twitter is its very own planet. LinkedIn does not like it when you want to link out to a blog or website. They would rather that you put all the thinking inside of the Linkedin platform itself. Linkedin will reward you with more traffic if you play by their rules. My definition o Go-Native.

Go-Native is the respect for and leverage of the unique attributes of each social media platform in order to maximize the platform’s own communications and traffic benefits.

Um. OK. One More Strategy: Ask For The “Order”.

I hope you liked my Content Terms and Strategies and how I view social media marketing in today’s world.

However, there is one more simple piece of advice… When you write or record social media content, make sure you ask for the order at the end. Examples: Marketing School’s videos ask you to like and subscribe. My website blog posts will ask you why you haven’t contacted me yet for your free advertising agency business development BIG IDEA?  I deliver actionable ideas about how your unique agency can use Omnichannel, Content Sprouting and Nativity. So, why haven’t you contacted me?

Do it here.

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