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The Art Of Personal Branding

A How To – Personal Branding Is A Fine Art Warning, it will take you close to 500 words to actually get to my main point about the art of personal branding and a great example of How To. So, if you want, skip ahead. However, if you need a bit of branding history, don’t […]

Podcast: 7 Tips for Ad Agency Professionals

A Podcast Interview: My 7 Marketing Tips For Ad Agency Professionals I’ve discussed the great value of guest posting in earlier blog posts. The primary advantage is that you get your post and thinking out to a much larger audience than you would get by just posting on your company website. Another way to get […]

My Favorite Review of The Levitan Pitch

You Suck Levitan I haven’t looked at my book’s Amazon page for awhile. I’m happier looking at the Amazon Createspace page that shows my sales. However, I did take a look yesterday after a friend alerted me to a 1-star review and found this beat-down. Looks like I suck. Me thinks that EverybodylovesKittens needs a […]

Stuff’s Happening

Time Keeps On Ticking Some things on my plate. Just thought I’d share them to get out a quick personal update. I am now into my 8th month of living in Mexico. This was a great decision and great timing! I am in the process of writing a long(ish) blog post on lead generation -> lead nurturing -> pitching […]

My Wednesday Photograph

The Wednesday Photograph A funny thing happens when you run a blog. You find out that you have to feed it as if it was a pet. No food, no life. In the blog’s case, no content (copy, videos, photographs), no Google love. Google love is my primary business development tool. Most of my ad […]