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Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 9.05.08 AMI’ve updated this older post about The Most Fabulous Advertising Agency Website because KesselsKrammer does not change their website on a monthly basis anymore. However, they do love their past, their somewhat crazy endeavor, by having this link to their website archives on their current website. Go here to see the old websites.

Why do I love this approach to website design? It’s kinetic. It is (was) unignorable. It has a life. It made me want to go back to the KesselsKrammer website over and over. How many of your advertising agency website visitors are repeat visitors? Sorry, most are not rushing back to read your latest blog post.

Opinionated? Me? I recently (2017) wrote about how to build the Best Advertising Agency Website. One that will act like a 24/7 sales tool. Isn’t that what you want? Check it out.


My Original Post:

Finally, an ad agency website that delivers a very important message. Just keep refreshing KesselsKrammer’s home page. This is, without question, well, um, a unique (understatement) advertising agency website. Clearly, these Amsterdamians are more stoned that you are.

Take a look… Lots more advertising agencies in the world’s most incredible advertising agency directory.

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