The Business Of Marijuana & Advertising

The Business Of Marijuana & Advertising & Publishing

LRG JI’ve written a bit about the burgeoning marijuana industry and the new business opportunities for ad, digital, social and PR agencies (see a link to articles at the bottom of this post.)

In Portland alone, there are over 35 medical marijuana dispensaries and each one has driven incremental business for a wide range of suppliers including landlords, contractors, interior designers, security firms, lawyers, accountants, venture capitalists, safe companies (each dispensary has at least one), package and graphic designers, ad agencies and publishers. I have a good take on this business because I am an investor in two medical marijuana dispensaries.

To give you an example of how crazy this business can be. Here is what I did yesterday (and why.)

I was in Vancouver, Washington meeting an illustrator friend for lunch. I then went to take a look at two fully recreational marijuana shops. This means  that you can just walk in, prove that you are over 21 and then a buy marijuana as you would cigarettes or wine. What was massively interesting was that one of the stores (on Main Street, literally) had 22 customers at 2PM on a Thursday. There weren’t 22 customers buying wine at a single wine shop at 2PM.

Later in the day, I was in the back room of a Portland marijuana shop photographing the store’s ‘joint roller’ and getting a couple of artisanal ‘art’ joints (like the one above). Yes, joints.

So, now the why…

In case you are wondering, I am not at all a big stoner.

But, I am starting a small publishing entity that will cover this huge and growing market. I am currently shooting photographs for two small books (“Joints” and “26 Dispensaries”). I will add other small books (imagine portraits of bud tenders) and apparel based on a new brand that will be coming to a browser near you. All of this will eventually be used as Kickstarter rewards for the funding of a large book on the industry.

I will keep you posted on my progress.

Marijuana Links & The Start Of A Discussion About This new Billion Dollar Industry

Here are the articles I’ve written on the subject. 


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