The Sweet “Why’s” of Online Video

emarketer online video advertisingAccording to eMarketer, advertisers are using online video for awareness and branding. No surprise there. This is how “commercials” have been used for years.

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So, What Are The Sweet Why’s?

  1. The use of online brand video as “old-fashioned” TV commercials is why agencies that know how to write and produce TV commercials have a leg up on the young digital upstarts.
  2. The use of online brand video is why young upstart agencies need to begin to act like old-fashioned TV advertisers. I often hear newish digital agencies ask, “how do I do TV advertising?”

What goes around goes around.

OK, one more thing. Remember when the digital guys said that interruption advertising was dead. Well, guess what, it ain’t. Just try to watch a video on YouTube without a commercial interruption.

OK, OK. Sure things will change. And, yes the TV creative director generation will die off. But, it will be a slow death. Why? TV commercials WORK!

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