Summly, Nick D’Aloisio, Bloomberg, Charlie Rose and Yahoo! (And Advertising)

The press take on Nick D’Aloisio and his sale of the news app Summly to Yahoo! for a reported $30,000,000 made big news because he is 17. He has much more going for him than just his age.

Watch this really inspiring interview with Nick on Charlie Rose. One of Nick’s main points is that he built Summly, which has been pulled off the iTunes store while its moved into Yahoo! land, as a tool to summerize the news (and soon more) for the small screen. Nick zeroed in on the insight that people under 25 are mobile-phone centric. They use their phones as their first screen, not the second and he built Summly for his kinsmen.  The idea of phone-as-first-screen is a wonderful disrupter.

And, yes, there is more Nick… Here he is on Bloomberg. This interview is a bit more entertainment oriented.

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