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Nike Made Me Sell My Advertising Agency

How Nike And Its Shortsightedness Helped Me Sell My Advertising Agency. YO, here’s how Nike blew my mind and reinforced my desire to sell my advertising agency. I talk to agency owners a couple of times a month about their plans (hopes, that is) for selling their advertising agency sooner or later. Some are young […]

B.S. – Millennials Want Mobile Video Ads To Be On Every Device

A Headline From ADWEEK: “Millennials Want Mobile Video Ads to Be Short and on Every Device” I know it’s Thanksgiving week and I should be in the spirit. But, I saw this headline and could only laugh at the insanity. The insanity of saying, get this… Millennials Want Mobile Video Ads to Be Short and on […]

I Am Worried About The Future Of Advertising

I put some thoughts on the future of advertising on LinkedIn (a publishing platform that you should consider using for your agency). I am concerned that the growth of ad blocking software; the shift to mobile where ads simply don’t work (yet) and the reduction of TV viewership by the under 30 crowd does not […]

From ADWEEK: Is TV Dead? (Um, Seems So)

Guess ya just gotta try to sell some advertising magazines. Case in point… “Is TV Dead” care of ADWEEK. But… ADWEEK is correcto. Its a slow death, but a death nonetheless. No real surprise, we are shifting from watching the big box to watching TV shows, movies and videos on the Internet and mobile devices. […]

Post Advertising: Big Data And Small Data

Ten years ago I wrote a brilliant (yes, it was and is brilliant) white paper on how even big marketers like Nike and Disney fail to manage / love / re-market to their customer base. This fail still going on across industries. However, I’d like to think that understanding the value of CRM has advanced. […]