Send More Creatives To Mars!

I Wish I could Have Sent More Of My Creatives To Mars!

Send More Creatives To Mars    Peter Levitan   Co.From MediaPost comes news that FCB Paris wants you to help them send a creative into outer space.

FCB Paris has, ahem, launched an interesting stunt. The agency says it will send one of its copywriters, 25-year-old Baptiste Szuwarski into space if the agency gets 37,895 likes on its Facebook page.

Why such a specific number of likes? Apparently because that’s how many balloons it will take to launch the 114 pound Szuwarski into space. Since the campaign began on March 10, the agency has amassed 5,414 likes. So it’s got quite a ways to go to get Szuwarski off the ground.

Good way to get some free press for the agency.

Now, I’d like to see a very honest agency do something similar to send one of their least pleasant clients to the moon.

More agencies should get their sense of humor out there. Why soooo serious all the time?

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